SSIS and Sql Server Journey

Personal Notes of Sarabjit Singh and Bhavpreet Singh

Combining Multiple Rows into One Row – Sql Server

on January 11, 2012

In this example i am going to describe how to combine multiple  rows in one column in MS SQL.

Here is the scenario
uSER_id and respective Hobbies are listed in the table.

i want to combine all the hobbies of a user

declare @User table
UserId int,
Hobbies VARCHAR(100)

INSERT INTO @User (UserId,Hobbies) values
(1, ‘gaming’) , (1, ‘cricket’),
(2, ‘movies’) , (2, ‘cricket’), (2, ‘gardening’) , (2, ‘football’),
(3, ‘gaming’) , (3, ‘football’)

combine multiple rows

Allhobbies = substring( ( SELECT ‘, ‘ + Hobbies
FROM @User T1
WHERE T1.UserId = T2.UserId FOR XML path(”), elements
FROM @User T2


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