SSIS and Sql Server Journey

Personal Notes of Sarabjit Singh and Bhavpreet Singh

on January 25, 2012

Very informative post

Bhavesh Patel's Blog

DBCC (Database consistency checker) are used to check the consistency of the databases. The DBCC commands are most useful for performance and trouble shooting exercises.

I have listed down and explained all the DBCC commands available in SQL Server 2005, with examples.

The DBCC Commands broadly falls into four categories:

  • Maintenance
  • Informational
  • Validation
  • Miscellaneous

Maintenance Commands

Performs maintenance tasks on a database, index, or filegroup.

1. CLEANTABLE – Reclaims space from the dropped variable-length columns in tables or index views.

DBCC CLEANTABLE (‘AdventureWorks’,’Person.Contact’,0)

2. DBREINDEX – Builds one or more indexes for the table in the specified database. (Will be removed in the future version, use ALTER INDEX instead)

USE AdventureWorks

DBCC DBREINDEX (‘Person.Contact’,’PK_Contact_ContactID’,80)

3. DROPCLEANBUFFERS – Removes all clean buffers from buffer pool.


4. FREEPROCCACHE – Removes all elements from the procedure cache


5. INDEXDEFRAG – Defragments indexes of the…

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