SSIS and Sql Server Journey

Personal Notes of Sarabjit Singh and Bhavpreet Singh

Encryption\Decription in Sql Server 2005

  • ENCRYPTION by passphrase
  • ENCRYPTION by symmetric keys
  • ENCRYPTION by Asymmetric keys
  • ENCRYPTION by certificates

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Must Read: Full Text Catalog, Full Text Index, Noise Words or Stop Words


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Set showplan_text No: To view the execution plan in text format

For further drill down:

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SSIS: Awesome post by Matt Masson

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SSIS: Remove duplicate rows from input file

We have an requirement in which there are 40,000,000 (forty million) records in the Input file. We have to load it into the databases after implementing a few business logic transformations. Major part of concern is to remove duplicate rows. Following are the possible solutions.

1. Use Sort task and set “remove duplicate” property to TRUE. Would take quite long as it is a full blocking transaction.Β 

2. Use Script component. Need to compare. I guess it would again be a full blocking transformation.Β 

3.Dump data to DB and then reload after selecting distinct records. Looks like the best option.Β 

Will be back with the stats. Feel free to add your suggestions/stats/comments.

Happy SSISing.. πŸ™‚

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Pinal Dave Fix:SQL SERVER – Fix – Error: 1060 The number of rows provided for a TOP or FETCH clauses row count parameter must be an integer

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Zaim Raza on MS BI

If you’re curious, you can rename the .ispac file and give it a .zip extension, and extract. Voila, we see all the files that make up the ispac – a manifest, your DTSX files, and a .param file. Also note that the manifest does not have the usual long .ssisDeploymentManifest extension.


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SSIS Naming Conventions and Best Practices

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