SSIS and Sql Server Journey

Personal Notes of Sarabjit Singh and Bhavpreet Singh

Quick Tips

on March 18, 2013

1. GUID Using SQL Server

You can generate a GUID using SQL Server using the following T-SQL statement:

 SELECT newid()

This statement generates a new GUID and displays it in the output window.

2. Get current time after removing special characters


Above code will return ‘221320687’ for date ‘2013-03-19 22:13:20.687’

3. Converting strings to dates in derived column component: SSIS

Convert from yyyymmdd to date data type

4. Cmd Prompt : Shortcuts: ssms, sqlwb – did they confused you yet?

Check following link to clerify:

(DT_DBTIMESTAMP)(SUBSTRING([date string], 1, 4) + "-" SUBSTRING([date string], 5, 2) + "-" + SUBSTRING([date string], 7, 2))

4. difference between look up and merge join — SSIS



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